Our Tours include the following: all tours are $70 per tour per person includes required insurance for your and others’ safety.

  1. Freedom Glide Tour – a self directed “tour” where you glide on a NineBot and explore Puerto Vallarta’s wonderful iconic scenery on your own with your friends and family without a tour guide.   Just Reserve a Glider and go have fun!
  2. Food Tours – two types of food tours with an eclectic range of flavors to experience  from an assortment of fresh fish ceviches, oysters on the beach,  delicious marinated tacos to drink it down with your favorite coconut bowl drink!
  3. Gliding Saints Tour – explore the beautiful churches of Puerto Vallarta on a glider with two daytime options – visit the churches beginning a beautiful morning or cap off your day with a sunset tour of the churches.
  4. Art Glide Tour – Instead of a walking art tour, let’s go on a glide tour of the amazing art galleries littered all over the old and romantic parts of town where you can delight in the visual beautiful artwork by the local talented Vallartenses!

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